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2010 April 1

While I am certain that there are many different types of foot injuries that occur while dancing, I will be referring to my own particular foot injury. I am in no way trying to diagnose anyones foot problems, I am just going to share my own. You may suffer from some of the same symptoms that I have and I will tell you how I cured mine.

First of all, let me tell you that I have been dancing for almost 3 years, my foot injury occurred 9 months ago and has plagued me right up until now. As a beginning dancer I was out dancing 5 or 6 nights a week with dancers of all levels, from a beginner like me, to much more advanced and experienced dancers. I had no formal training and was at the mercy of whom ever I danced with.

I distinctly remember the exact moment my injury occurred. I was dancing a Country 2 Step with a leader that took large steps. While continually stepping backwards, the ligament under my big toe was pulled. I felt a sharp pain, finished the dance, limped off the floor and thought to myself, “That was strange.” It wasn’t until I got back on the dance floor that I realized how bad the injury was. I went home and popped 3 Vitamin I’s (Ibuprofen) and iced my foot. Much to my dismay, my foot was even worse the next morning. I didn’t dance for several weeks, but was so addicted to dancing that I just couldn’t stay away,  I just kept dancing right through the pain.  Literally, months went by and I kept taking Vitamin I, dancing and whining.

Eventually, I went to a Chinese Foot Massage place near my home. I figured it couldn’t hurt and I was willing to try anything at that point. ( you would think Dr. might have entered into my mind, right?) The weekly foot massages actually began to improve that particular injury. What I hadn’t prepared for was the continuing foot pain. The pain had traveled from the big toe area of my foot  to the next two toes and ball of my foot. It also radiated to the top of my foot.  You see, while I was babying my “Big Toe”  injury,  I put added strain on a different area of my foot. So while the “Big Toe” was happy, the rest of my foot was not. After 6 months of whining, taping my foot and pain meds, I was drug to a chiropractor. My only regret  was that I hadn’t gone sooner.

Dr. Leland Carroll, of the Studio Wellness Center has saved my foot, my life and everyone’s ears around me. After a thorough examination and assessment, he explained and diagnosed my injury. I have pretty severe pronation. Pronation is a turning outward of the foot at the ankle, I have a tendency to walk on the inner border of my foot. It is typically hereditary, but further aggravated by my dancing. I also suffered from Metatarsalgia, a condition which causes the arch of your foot to collapse. His first recommendation was to try custom orthotics. Of course my reaction was doubtful, but faced with the alternative “fix” of surgery, I thought I would give them a try. Shockingly, I can now say that 9 months after I was first injured, and 2 months of wearing my Custom Made Orthotics (which fit into my dance shoes and boots) my foot has finally healed. Oddly enough, so is that nagging knee pain that I had,which I thought was just old age!

I am not saying that every dancer needs Custom Made Orthotics, but if I am able to help anyone out there with foot , knee or back pain, I am glad to share my story. I found Custom Made Orthotics, at a discount,  online. I believe some insurances cover such a product, as they are expensive, but I got the folks at OurHealthNetwork.com to extend my 10% coupon to anyone that uses the code: LovetoDance

Sure hope that this helps anyone with a current foot issue or better yet, helps someone prevent one!

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  1. 2010 September 22

    Great post! Custom-made orthotics, and more specifically Dance Orthotics, protect the feet from abnormal stress, and comfortably correct any inherent biomechanical foot problems which may be present. Dance Orthotics will distribute body weight evenly across the entire foot, thus relieving stressed and strained areas. Muscles will no longer be painful, blisters will disappear, and calluses will be reduced or will disappear completely. The results are feet which will function efficiently, allowing pain-free enjoyment of dancing.

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    Michele Reply:

    Thanks! As a dancer I have found them just as important as my dance shoes!

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  2. 2011 January 27

    Thanks for sharing this information and your thoughts. The more useful and knowledgeable information about custom orthotics to the online community the better.

    Dr. Michael Horowitz, Vancouver Orthotics

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