2013 September 26
by Michele

Sometimes life can just be messy. One day you are floating along, happy as a lark; you have a roof over your head, food in the refrigerator, lights are on and you have a few bucks in your pocket. Your job is going great and your friends and family are all well.

Sounds like you could just keep on coasting and loving life. Then Mother Nature sends in a big storm; a tree falls on your roof and your car is flipped over; you have insurance, but what are you going to do in the meantime. You need a bit more cash in your pocket, and you need it now!

You can always go to your bank and apply for a loan, depending upon your credit history, but that takes time; and you really do not want to ask your friends or you family, so what other options do you have?

Well, if you have a job, you can always apply for a PayDay loan. A PayDay loan simply means that you can access your paycheck, before you actually receive it. You can apply for this type of loan entirely online; no credit check and no faxing. The process is quick and easy and almost instantaneous; almost all loans are approved, and completed within one hour.

So, if you have a job, and a bank account, and even have questionable credit, then you can still apply, and most likely be approved to receive a payday loan quickly, discreetly and most importantly; when you really need it. As with any type of loan, be certain to do your due diligence; read the terms and conditions of the loan, before signing on the dotted line. Make certain that you understand them completely and do not use this method of obtaining cash frivolously.

For a reputable PayDay loan, you should visit PICKTHELOAN to find the best deal for you!

Dadeland Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram is THE Place to But a Truck!

2013 June 22
by Michele

Many years ago, I lived in a small little town, south of Miami, called Cutler Ridge. Being that I was not “from” southern Florida, I did not have a clue where “Dadeland” was located. I had previously live in “Deland” and every time that I heard someone talking about “Dadeland” I assumed that they were talking about “Deland”.

So, imagine my surprise when I found out that Dadeland Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram was actually located right up the road, on South Dixie Highway and NOT in central Florida. I was thrilled that I did not have to drive all of the way to central Florida in order to purchase a new vehicle. Dadeland Dodge came highly recommended by so many people, that I knew that I wanted to purchase my next car there. They have a high ranked customer satisfaction driven business that is extremely important to me.

Purchasing a car is not always “fun” and I knew that I could rely on my friends for leading me to a dealership that would take my wishes into consideration and would help me to purchase the best car, for me. Dadeland Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram has been around for the past fifteen years and is still growing strong, even in this economy. So, if you are looking to purchase a car or truck, and live in the Miami area, you should be certain to check them out!

Embroidered Shirts for a Cause!

2013 June 20
by Michele

It was two years ago that I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, otherwise known as CML. Since that time, I have joined many online groups and attended many conferences and seminars. One thing that all of these things have in common, beside tons of information, is that they all have some type of logo, on their embroidered shirts.

I have found that T-Shirt printing is a great way in which to bring awareness to whatever it is that you wish others to know. I personally had “Leukemia Sucks” put onto a sweatshirt that I wear all of the time.

I hope that by wearing embroidered shirts with leukemia and CML on them; I will help to bring awareness to the many people that have leukemia, and their plight: the lack of bone marrow donors.

I am fortunate that my type of leukemia can be controlled with an oral chemotherapy drug for many years, but in the event that these drugs stop working, I too, will need a bone marrow transplant. It is often not easy to find a match, but hopefully by wearing embroidered shirts with leukemia awareness on them, people will become more aware of the need for bone marrow donors and will join “Be the Match.”

T-shirt printing is a great way to establish your connection to a particular group, whether it is a place of employment, a cause or even a family reunion. Belonging to something and showing your pride or support is often accomplished with T-shirt printing or embroidered shirts!

Looking for a Boat?

2013 May 29
by Michele

When I was young, boating was one of my favorite activities. I didn’t care whether it was water skiing, fishing or sailing; as long as I was on a boat, and on the water. Today, now that our children are grown and we are retired, we have toyed with the idea of buying a boat. Of course, we are unable to decide just what type of boat that we would like to purchase, so we spend many hours looking at used boats for sale.

While searching for boats for sale, we came across this really great boats sales website. The site is so user friendly that even my ten year old grandson can easily navigate his way around. What I love about the website is that I can easily narrow down the type, size, year and price of the boats for sale that I am interested in.

They have great photographs and tons of details on thousands and thousands of boats for sale. This allows me to be able to get an idea of what I want, as well as how much I can expect to pay for my perfect boat. I can easily spend hours and hours searching for boats that I may be interested in, without having to travel for many miles, just to be pestered by a boat salesman. So, if you are looking for a boat for sale, then you should be sure to check them out!

Are You Having Financial Difficulties?

2013 May 23
by Michele

At some point during your life, you may find that things are not going along, as smoothly as they had been. You may find yourself faced with an unexpected medical condition, the loss of a job, or even a catastrophic accident. These types of life changing events typically occur when we least expect them. They catch us off guard and can deplete our savings accounts and any expendable cash that we may have.

It is during these unexpected challenges in life, that we may find ourselves in grave, financial trouble. People often lose their businesses and homes after a tragic event, or unexpected occurrence. What large corporations and collection agencies do not take into consideration, are your rights. You, as a human being have rights; you have options and the last thing that you need during these unsettling times is a collection agency adding to your stress load.

If you live in the Flint, Michigan area, you may wish to contact the Law Offices of Maynard F. Newman so that he can advise you, as well as defend your rights. A bankruptcy Lawyer in Flint, Michigan will help you to determine the best path for your independent needs. They can guide you and defend you and will be able to help ease your mind, during a very difficult time.

By contacting the Law Offices of Maynard F. Newman, you will have a peace of mind and a plan. These things will allow you to focus on your bigger issues; the ones that led you down the path of financial strain. Do yourself a favor; call a bankruptcy lawyer today, if you are in financials straights; you will be glad you did.

UMT for Your Boating Needs

2013 May 22
by Michele

Chances are, if you live in Florida, you know all about UMT. UMT are the go-to custom metal fabricators for boats and yachts. They have become a “favorite” among boat captains and marinas, in the Fort Lauderdale area.

They take great pride in their work and are happy to take on the most challenging projects and repairs. What they can do with stainless steel and aluminum will impress even a land lubber, like me! UMT became the “new baby” of Henry and Charles Geddes in 2008 and came out all shiny and new, by 2011.

UMT added a number of quality products, such as deck showers, lift raft cradles and other deck accessories, as well as developing a brand new line of boarding stairs; fabricated from both aluminum and carbon fiber.

For those of you that are not boat owners, you may not have a clue as to what a “davit” is, or how important it can be. A davit is a crane-like device that lowers and raises “things”; in this instance, boats and yachts. IF you live in Florida, you are well aware of hurricane season and rough waters and the fact that you may likely need to get your boat, out of the water, at any given time. I remember the first time that I went boating with a friend that lives in Tampa. When he asked me if I wanted to go boating, I responded joyfully, “Of course I do!”

You can imagine my surprise when we pulled into the marina and walked to a large building, instead of the boat docks. It seems that my friend keeps his boat in a dry-slip; way up high, above two other rows of boats. It took an experienced davit controller to lower the boat, and then maneuver it to the boat docks. I was ever so impressed!

As you can imagine, having a reliable davit is extremely important, and contacting UMT about their brand new davits would be highly recommended. If you are fortunate enough to live in Florida, it will be easy to visit them, if not, you may be able to catch them at one of their many boat shows in Fort Lauderdale, METS, Seattle, Sydney and Brazil.

Camp Chateaugay; A GREAT Summer Camp!!

2013 May 21
by Michele

It is almost summertime, the time of year that children love and many parents dread. The dread often comes from the realization that many parents must continue to work, while their children will be home, often alone, from school. Many parents hope to find activities for their children to keep them occupied, and out of trouble, as well as to broaden their horizons and provide a fun-filled childhood, which they can cherish, well into their adulthood.

Summer camp can often be the answer to many parents’ dilemma, and the answer to many children’s dreams. I still remember my very first week at summer camp; it was filled with a bit of fear, a bit of apprehension and a whole lot of anticipation. It remains one of my greatest childhood memories and has created lifelong friends. I remember crying when my parents left me at camp, and crying two weeks later when they came to pick me up. Summer camp became that special treat that I looked forward to, every year.

Camp Chateaugay is one of those camps that have an environment in which your child will thrive! They offered a trained staff that is dedicated to children and teens, situated in the beautiful Adirondacks. Imagine a city child’s delight and sense of awe; going from concrete and tall buildings to the great outdoors; mountains, lakes, rivers and streams. A place in which the can run and play, be silly and crazy and can discover new activities and ways of life.

They will learn to build a sense if independence, as well become a part of a team. Summer at Camp Chateaugay will change your child’s life forever. They will be encouraged to be themselves as well as to discover their inner hidden talents and skills; ones that they may not have found without the encouragement from Camp Chateaugay’s enthusiastic counselors and fellow campers.

Your campers will enjoy a sense of belonging and community and a sense of belonging with and enthusiasm for life which is synonymous to Camp Chateaugay. There are sports and games, skills and trades, horseback riding, canoeing and even archery and lacrosse. Your child will bring home stories from around the campfire and be able to teach you new songs. There is nothing like being in a place, with a bunch of your peers, all designed to strengthen your child’s character and build their self-esteem. So, if you are looking for a great summer camp for your child, I strongly encourage you to check out Camp Chateaugay; you and your child will be glad that you did!

Sometimes You Should Just Say “No”!

2013 May 18
by Michele
Beer Goggles

Beer Goggles

While it is proper etiquette to dance when asked, there are appropriate times when it is all right to politely decline. In other words, it’s OK, to say no. Generally you wouldn’t say no, just because someone is less experienced than you, or you don’t like the outfit they have on, or even if they have bad breath. (although you might want to share a mint or two) But it is perfectly acceptable to say no if someone has had too much to drink, or if they are inappropriate in any way. So, you might just tell them that you are going to get the chicken feed, the duck feed and the pig feed at and to leave you alone!

I have had the good fortune to experience both of these happy occasions. One night, not long ago, down at the local honky tonk, a “regular” asked me to dance. Now this particular dude, is a fan of seeing just how many rotations he can get a lady to do, during one song. Kind of like the tea cups at Disneyland. The first time I actually danced with him, I got off the dance floor and was so nauseated that I had to go home. Now however, I can spin like a top. But back to the valid reason to just say “no”: Within a few seconds into our dance, I realized that Mr. Twirly Man was having a bit of a problem standing on his own two feet. Fortunately for me, I figured this out rather quickly and was able to do damage control and self preservation well enough to walk us both off the dance floor in one piece, no injuries.

Ras #2 (Cindy) was not quite so lucky………..I saw Mr. Twirly Man heading right towards her, before I could maneuver my way across the room to warn her, it was too late, and there they were, right in the middle of the dance floor….. I feared for the worst and was not disappointed (ok, evil side of me)….. Once, twice, three times around and then *crash*, she was on her rear, legs up, for all the world to see…… Not a fun dance had by all!

Needless to say, this is the perfect example of when to say no, which we both did, for the rest of the evening. And yes, we warned all of the other girls, too. Seems Mr. Twirly Man had a bit too much fun at “Alive After Five”, in Boise, before he came dancing. So, I guess the moral to this story is to bring a breath-alizer?

Another really good time to say no is when a “gentleman”, ( I speak the term loosely) is just a bit to “friendly”, dances just a bit too close for comfort, and/or has wandering hands or eyes. If keeping a stiff frame does not seem to do the trick, I’ll share a little tip that I use. I break free from his iron clad hold and say, “This is my dance space, this is YOUR dance space, now, Let’s Dance”! Thank you Baby Houser, (Dirty Dancing, in case you were wondering). If this does not work, I have been known to just simply turn and walk off the dance floor. Ladies, you do not have to put up with inappropriate behavior on, or off, (for that matter) the dance floor!

It doesn’t take too long to establish the un-dancables, and after saying no, three, four and sometimes even five times, they will eventually quit asking and leave you alone. They are a relentless bunch, so do not cave, or they will never leave you alone.

Luckily, this is not a common occurrence since most dancers’ generally drink water, but if you are out, in a bar, on a Friday or Saturday night, be mindful…… you can’t say that you haven’t been warned!

Of course men, I am speaking from my experiences as a “girl”, I am sure you all have your own horror stories, too. Please feel free to share, I would love to hear just how out of control we girls can be. Maybe it will help us keep our P’s and Q’s in check.

Happy Dancing!

Dieting and Low Carb Foods

2013 May 18
by Michele

Dieting seems to have become a way of life. Everywhere I go, I run into someone that is on some “new” diet. Whether they are taking HCG drops of eating low carb foods, the word “diet” always creeps into our conversations. From what I understand, there is a great website, in Canada, that offers nothing but low carb foods.

They are actually called The Low Carb Grocery and offer everything from low carb foods to actual low carb diets. I love that they actually have information on the Atkins Diet, Dr. Poon’s Metabolic Dies and even the Glycemic Index Diet readily available on their site. They explain what excess carbs in your body do and how you often put yourself on the blood sugar roller coaster by eating too many high carb foods.

They have recipes for low carb foods and other general information along with some really great fitness tips. I personally love the section on “Burning Calories Around the Clock;” eating protein and drinking milk, fiber and green tea are a yes, and alcohol is a no and of course, exercise is a must.

So, if you are looking for low carb foods in Canada, then you really should check out The Low Carb Grocery; they have everything in the world that you could ever want. They carry cheeses, chocolates, pancakes and waffles, crackers and chips, soups, spreads and even salsa and dips. There are nuts and seeds and oils and sauces. You can truly find whatever it is that you are looking for, so if a low carb diet is for you, and you live in Canada, then you may wish to check them out.

The Best of New Zealand

2013 May 15
by Michele

For the past several years West Coast Swing has been on a tear around the globe. New Zealand is no exception. West Coast Swing instructors have been flying all around the world teaching West Coast Swing and now that the dance has become so popular, other countries have begun to hold West Coast Swing Conventions, just like we do here, in the United States.

Right now there is a swing event going on in New Zealand; I have several friends that have the good fortune of attending the convention and then touring New Zealand. I am so jealous and can hardly wait to hear all about their trip!

I know that while they are there, they plan to take in as much of New Zealand as possible. They will be renting a car at the airport from Best Car Rental Auckland Airport, so that they can get around and see the island’s beautiful flora and fauna. Because of New Zealand’s high rainfall and abundant sunshine, the island is lush, with majestic evergreen forests, as well as other trees and flowers that you have never seen before. The island is famous for the yellow flowers of the Kowhai tree and the red flowers of the Pohutukawa tree.

There are a vast variety of birds, many of which do not fly; the once abundant Kiwi is now difficult to spot in the wild and may need to be viewed at a zoo or wild animal park. Some of New Zealand’s native birds include the playful kea, the lovable weka, the beautiful takahe with indigo plumage, the lovely singing tui and the morepork owl.

New Zealand is also known for its’ abundant sea life, as well as their many National Parks and Marine Reserves. So, needless to say, spending time in New Zealand will be exciting! If you are a motorbike rider, you will want to be certain to purchase New Zealand’s number one selling Dragon Goggles, fromMotomart Motorcycle Accessories ; you will be the envy of all of your friends when you return.

Luckily, the exchange rate of the United States currency to NZD will give you a few more dollars in your pocket. As of May 15, 2013, $100 US dollars will be exchanged to $121.22 beautiful, colorful New Zealand Dollars. Heck, while you are there, you may even wish to check out Home Loans New Zealand, as I am sure that your trip will end much too quickly!



AMS Fulfillment for Your Great Idea!

2013 May 14
by Michele

So, have you ever had a really great idea; an idea for a product, which the rest of the world not only needs, but will be willing to pay handsomely for?  If you are like me, then one of your first questions is probably going to be; where can I have it manufactured? Then you will wonder what it will cost to have it made, and then last and probably one of the most important questions will be; How will I get my product from the manufacturer to my buyer?

Once you have figured out where to get your product made, and how much it will cost, you will need to figure out how and where you will house your product. This is where AMS Fulfillment comes into play. AMS Fulfillment is a third party fulfillment house that will warehouse, pick up and pack your products for you. They are a professional fulfillment house that has advanced operating systems that will far exceed any of your expectations.

They are conveniently located near shipping docks in southern California and are also only one mile from a major USPS hub. Being close to the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach will help you to save on additional shipping costs and AMS Fulfillment Services will be certain to get you product, to you customers in a professional and timely manner.

So, if you have the next great idea, what are you waiting for? Get busy researching who and where you product will be made and be certain to visit AMS Fulfillment for more info.

Do You Need a Cincinnati Criminal Attorney?

2013 May 13
by Michele

If you are criminally charged with a crime, the single most important thing that you can do for yourself is to hire a Cincinnati Criminal Attorney. A criminal attorney is the best person that you can contact to give you sound advice and guidance. They are the people with experience in criminal law and will make certain that you receive fair representation and a fair trial.

In the event that criminal charges are about to be filed against you, you will benefit greatly by speaking to a criminal attorney, prior to the actual filing. It is imperative to know who to speak to and what to say to them, as many law enforcement officials actually utilize the information that they receive from you, during your initial consult, against you.

You need to be prepared, and hiring a criminal attorney is the best possible way, in order to do so. If you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, the Law Offices of Scott A. Rubenstein can professionally represent you in your criminal case. They are dedicated to helping their clients on all felony, misdemeanor and DUI charges, and are conveniently located across the street from the Hamilton County Courthouse and jail.

What this means for you, is that they will be readily available and close to the courthouse and jail and will be able to easily represent you, in your criminal lawsuit. Their law firm is dedicated to safeguarding their clients individual rights and they strive to obtain the best possible outcome for your case.